February 3rd

Here at The Macaroni Report , we’ve decided to change our format to more regular articles as we’ve got like, 1 thing to represent 3 months worth of events. We don’t know about you, the reader, but that doesn’t seem too particularly great (especially when you’re struggling to feed the furnace dragon and as a result he keeps eating the interns).

-Senior Executive No. 3

Local Robotics Team Build Giant Fighting Robot, Also Fix NASA Explorer.

The Local robotics team Spartan Bots over the last few months (since October roughly) have been building a gigantic fighting robot known simply as S.T.E.V.E. for the ACT FIRST Robot Fighting Competition. Mid way through January they made their way to the competition on the shoulders of STEVE and after much intense robot v robot fighting took 8th place out of 18, which if we may add is quite good for a first year team. We were, much to the excitement of intern 23, offered a ride back to the team’s base of operations located in the scenic secret base beneath the school.

Later we were able to perform a follow up interview with the Spartan Bots after they had performed an off-planet repair on one of NASA’s Mars-Rovers. They had this to say: “Remind me again how these guys got to the moon…?”.

-Intern No 41

(We would like to note that intern 23 went out of his way to annoy us into mentioning that he would have much preferred the robot to be called “Liberty Prime”. As you can probably tell, he’s very much a fan of robots.)

February 3rd

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