Epidemic Rages Through the Cast of Curtains

Breaking News:

I’ve recently received word that a horrible disease is spreading throughout the cast and crew of the High School musical.

What is it you may ask?

It’s a murder-mystery/comedy called Curtains. But that’s not important right now.

The horribly contagious disease your fellow students have been infected with is known in the scientific community as rhythmic tremor disease or more colloquially as “Jazz Hands.” The symptoms include an uncontrollable urge to shake one’s hands, usually triggered by the unique sound waves contained within show tunes. We’ve heard reports that not one, not two, but over twenty cases have been observed in those unfortunate students, as they rehearse a big song and dance number (“Show People”) for their musical. No one knows who our patient zero is, but one common rumor has been floating around the cast.

Here’s what an ensemble member had to say about where the disease may have spread from:

“None of us had anything up until Tuesday, the 9th. Before that, no one’s hands had shook when we were learning and practicing our first three numbers. But that night we met our new choreographer, who then started teaching us the dance moves she had planned out for ‘Show People’. No one is quite sure, but a lot of us claim they saw her hands shaking as she tried to show us the choreography. I haven’t been able to stop shaking my hands, during the number, ever since.”

Shocking. We here at the Macaroni Report hope this disease does not turn deadly, as some similar incidences had occurred with the cast and crew of last year’s musical. Most people attending the school at the time probably remember and dread the manic cries of “Yeow!” ringing throughout the auditorium, or the endless stomping and scuffing of those affected by the “Oklahoma Step.”

To those poor cast members we send our sincerest good wishes. Get well soon.

And also… what are the dates for the show?

–Mail Room VP

Epidemic Rages Through the Cast of Curtains

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