Friday Night Intern Fight: UPDATE

As you know, yesterday was the night of the famous “Friday Night Intern Fight” between interns no. 37 and 83, and the results are in: Nobody. Nobody won at all. A brief description of the fight are as follows:

So here’s how it happened: Both interns sit at the edges of the ring, livid at one another and armed to the teeth in office supplies. Everyone from the Mail Room to the Senior Executive Offices surround the ring in their cheap folding chairs, eager to see them go at each other and tear themselves to shreds. 3 seconds remain until the fight. 3, 2, 1, “CLANG”!

Both interns immediately sprint towards one another, rules and staplers ablazing. Within milliseconds, both would be at each other’s throats, clawing away. Suddenly they impact with a loud “THUD” and both fall to the floor unconscious. What happened you may ask? Intern No. 83 tripped on a rock and conked heads with No. 37, rendering both of them unconscious.

Thoroughly disappointed with the match, the Sasquatch who lives in the broom closet carried them off to the first aid kit in the Mail Room and threw them each in a mail pile (Seriously though, these things might as well be beds with how much squish they have).

All bets have been returned via mail to their respective owners. Refunds will not be administered.

Friday Night Intern Fight: UPDATE

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