Public Service Announcement #3: Men, need we say more?

We here in the Public Services have noticed an interesting phenomenon in our  esteemed Cheesy Macaroni Establishment. Nearly all of our laborers are of the male sex, and call them selves as Men. We wondered if there was anything to these observations, so we set forth to study. Our findings show that half of the population (more or less) is indeed male, a.k.a Men.

This alarmed us, as it should you dear reader. As half of the worlds population is occupied by a group of people (if they can be called that)  who are brutish, nasty, smelly, and all around just not very nice.

As you too may be unaware of this menace known as Men, we at the Macaroni wish to provide examples . The most obvious that we could think of would be either Arnold “The Govinator” Schwarzenegger and/or Sylvester “Rocky” Stallone,  but it does not end there. Oh no dear reader, there are many more Men among us today. Why even some of our modern Political Candidates are Men (Trump Excluded as he may or may not be a lizard), Rubio, Cruz, you name it. Sanders is iffy, further research is needed to figure out if he is a true “Man” or not.

Be wary of these people dear, we highly suggest that if a man is sited to do one of two things. Call your local Extreme Feminist Social, they are experts in dealing with men. If they are not on hand then there is an infallible test to know if you have spotted a man or not. Simply run up full sprint, summon  your inner soccer player, and kick him between the legs, in what is sometimes referred to as the bread basket. If they crumple up like yesterdays Snuggies (as seen on TV)  and yell various bad and naughty words, they are indeed a man.

Remember we are here for you

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Public Service Announcement #3: Men, need we say more?

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