The Macaroni Report Picks the Oscars

We here at the Macaroni Report love movies. Dramas, comedies, shorts, animated, you name it. Our Film Interns have been hard at work watching all of the Oscar nominated films in addition to the 24-hour loop of the series finale of M*A*S*H* that is always running in the mail room. Below are our favorites to win each category.

Best Actor: Bryan Cranston- Trumbo*

Best Actress: Eddie Redmayne

Most Likely to get Snubbed: Black America

Animated Film: “Shrek 5- Donkey’s Revenge”

Foreign Language  Film: “What The Hell Do you Care” (Romania)

Documentary: The People vs. OJ (Not actually nominated but we’d love to see Cuba Gooding Jr. finally have his “Kanye” moment)

Best Makeup/Hair in a Foreign Live Action Short Comedy or Musical/Anime?: Mad Max

Lifetime Achievement Award: Miley Cyrus

*Bryan Cranston will be shot immediately after the announcement by Leonardo DiCaprio, desperate for his first Oscar. The Academy, awestruck, will then give the Oscar to the second place actor, who just so happens to be Leonardo DiCaprio.

We at the Macaroni Report hopes you will tune in to witness our first ever presence on a red carpet.


-Mail Room Intern No. 998

The Macaroni Report Picks the Oscars

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