Macaroni Monday (On a Tuesday)

Great news, guys! Due to popular demand by the Macaroni report fan base (which consists almost entirely of the Macaroni Report staff), the Macaroni Report is now in print! The first issue of Macaroni Monday (a small collection of some of our favorite articles) is being passed around classrooms right now. Interns are also attempting to print more copies, but the Broom Closet Sasquatch has taken the Mail-room’s printer hostage, raving about the paper we’re attempting to waste. Hopefully you’ll be able to see one of the few existing copies before the day is out. We’ve liberated a Maroon Report bin and enlisted it to carry our papers instead. The bin will be in the cafeteria if you want to read a copy of our oh so excellent paper.

— Mail Room VP

Macaroni Monday (On a Tuesday)

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