Ben Carson is in love with Donald Trump

An uncanny match was made in political heaven recently, as Ben Carson blatantly revealed his love for Donald.

MIAMI — Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson threw his support behind Donald Trump on Friday, saying the billionaire front-runner has two sides: the combative campaign persona and a “very cerebral” approach in private. (Washington Post)

You heard it from the source itself, Ben Carson threw himself at Trump on Friday. “very cerebral” approach? Hmm, pretty flattering coming from a brain surgeon. While there is an undeniable spark between these two candidates, Carson is still out of the race. Which is comical considering he only entered the race with the intent of getting closer to Trump. Trump even stated:

“We spoke for over an hour on education. And he has such a great handle on it,” Trump said. “I’m going to have Ben very involved with education, something that’s an expertise of his.”

The man himself has confirmed that the proposal will be an affirmative. Ben has a GREAT handle on trump.



-Vending Machine

Ben Carson is in love with Donald Trump

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