Public Service Announcement #6: Nothing

We at the Macaroni Report have noticed… Nothing recently that you the public should be wary of this week… So um Congrats! You have successful survived another week in this world of ours. Unless of course your reading this post humorously, then Congrats! You’ve probably scared the living bajevus out of someone nearby.

In either case we have decided that this occasion calls for celebration so as our gift to you here is a picture!


Oh… Oh dear that isn’t very pleasant at all, lets try the Archives again shall we…


Oh my! That is worst then the first! Curse the blasted shifting file gnomes…. One more time…


There, A nice picture of Morgan Freeman, I mean who doesn’t like Morgan Freeman, second only to the Flying Spaghetti Monster in reverence. Bask in his greatness dear readers, remember you’ve earned it!

And Always Remember We Are Here For You!

Archivist No. 4242

Public Service Announcement #6: Nothing

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