Secret Terror at Greenville

Recently, a dark terror has been growing at Greenville, instilling fear into the hearts of all. Unknown to all but the highest ranking officials, this monstrous beast recently broke into the CAD class and ate all the students there at the time, which came to a grand total of three. Although nobody noticed, the school officials decided it was time to take drastic action, they proceeded to replace all the doors with new state of the art bank vaults, with electronic locks, steel woven glass, 100 horsepower arms to force the doors closed and make them more difficult to open, and salt lining the edges to ward off any other evil spirits that may try to sneak in unannounced. However, the school encountered unexpected resistance from the faculty and staff, who refused to keep their doors closed, instead engaging in an underground trade in door wedges through the wood shop to keep them propped open. Obviously this put the students at severe risk, possibly even more so than before. For this reason, the officials issued a proclamation to all teachers, ordering them to leave the doors closed at all times. Unfortunately, the teachers and students regarded this policy as a waste of time and being idiotic, often refused to obey it. This led to high up officials (possibly in league with the NHS), stealing as many door stops as they could fit into their pockets. This proved highly inefficient, but unable to come up with a new means of collection on the spot, they were forced to abandon their plan halfway through. Now however, they are facing insubordination among the faculty, many of whom cannot understand the reasoning behind their superior’s actions. At this point we would like to apologize as we have reason to believe that the terror in question may in fact be the furnace dragon, who during a brief period in which our boilers were not functioning, took advantage of Greenville’s faulty heating system and attempted to re locate to the school’s basement, possibly consuming a couple of bystanders while doing so. The situation is now under control, but we would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused.


(As a side note, we believe a member of the custodial staff may also have been consumed and would like to apologize for this as well)

Secret Terror at Greenville

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