Macaroni goes international!

At the Macaroni Report, we just recently hit a major milestone: we have expanded to an international audience. That’s right, people from other countries care enough about what happens in Greenville to actually read our news. There is of course a small chance that these are just random people who just happen to stumble upon our website by accident, but we prefer to be optimistic here at the Macaroni. We’ve gotten 3 views from the UK, a view in Belgium, and most recently a viewer in Portugal! Okay, we don’t care that much about the Portuguese viewer, but the others are awesome!

There have been some rumors that Britain is going to build a wall to keep out “those crazy Americans.” We assure you, the Macaroni Report has nothing to do with this. Britain cited reasons for building the wall as “Lizard People”, “Mountain Farms,” and “Mr. Albright,” but we assure you, Britain must have heard about these things from some other super legit news site. It’s not like those British viewers of the Macaroni now think Americans are crazy or anything. Yeah….

Anyway, now foreigners apparently can read our language and understand our Mr. Siebrecht jokes, so who knows where the Macaroni will go!

Eat Responsibly!

-Kitchenette Intern

Macaroni goes international!

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