Weeaboo Infection

The Contagion of Weeaboos

                 So, this in a major issue and it can no longer be avoided. This school has a very big problem and I know what you’re thinking: no, it’s not the food (we already have somebody cracking down on that) and, no, it’s not the ill-supplied library (that’s for a different day). No, it’s something so much worse. This school is infected with a very prominent weeaboo population. I don’t think I need to explain what a weeaboo is but, for those whom prefer living under a rock (like Sasquatch), a weeaboo is one who is utterly obsessed with Japanese culture, specifically the entertainment section such as anime. Why is this a problem, you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you, readers. We cannot have this spread because… because, well, I said so. We don’t need all of those people running around spreading their Kamehameha juice and full metal chemical stuffs and “bleach”ing the walls with the naruto banks of bounce and blur. A society could never function properly under the influence of such people. We will slowly devolve into a bunch of people dressing weird and trying to fly around on little wires and trying to land on big people and kill them. How can we let this continue? How have we let it get this far? How have we let this get so far? Why are we so blind to such an atrocity? What is wrong with our country? Forget it. I’m going to Canada.

Weeaboo Infection

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