Team Swan Princess

Backstory: Sir Gabriel Patterson, Captain of the Greenville Masterminds Varsity team made a boo-boo once, while answering a question, said Swan Princess while the answer was Swan Lake. His name is now Swan Princess because we, the Varsity team, are amazing people. On the final tournament, Gabe was unable to attend so we commemorated ourselves to his legacy, creating “Team Swan Princess”.

This team, with the power of Gabe’s spirit powering us, grew to previously unknown levels, keeping all games within 100 points of each other. Co-Captain, Scott Davis, Emily Fagan, Olivia Gorneau, and I, assistant #472 are all trying, to the best of remedial abilities, to keep the legacy of the “Swan Princess” and “Team Swan Princess” alive because this planet simply could not survive with out our amazing beautiful amazingness. Never forget “Team Swan Princess” or the “Swan Princess” himself. Thank you.

This has been your required PSA. Hope you have a pasta and cheesy day and this is intern #472, your local cannibal, signing off

In Loving Memory of Gabriel “Swan Princess” Patterson


Team Swan Princess

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