Macaroni Goes International! [Update]

By decision of the Head Chef, we have decided to provide you with latest news on our international conquest to influence the minds of children around the world. Our previous international viewer counts have changed. Below is shown our international count from the time when we posted our last Macaroni Goes International article:

UK: 3

Belgium: 1

Portugal: 1

However, we have acquired quite a few more viewers since then, so click below to see the new, updated list of international viewers.

UK: 4

Belgium: 1

Portugal: 1

Canada: 1

Thailand: 1

Ghana: 1

That’s right Macaroni readers, our wit is so legendary that even the inhabitants of GHANA have heard of it and enjoy it.

Seeing as we actually consider this major news, we will periodically keep you updated on the international viewers count. If you want, you can even enter the betting pool for which country will view us next. The current favorites are Mexico and France, with long shots on Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

-Kitchenette Intern

Macaroni Goes International! [Update]

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