Is Math really necessary? Like, at all?

BigMac initiative article #2

John’s expressionless eyes bore vacantly into the whiteboard in front of him. Through his foggy mind he hears a man rumbling in some seemingly nonsensical language. John’s glassy eyes shift this way and that, but don’t focus on anything.

No, John is not very, very, very stoned, but that is a good guess. A recent study shows that most people that choose to wear clothes, have a brain, and ingest food can relate with John as he struggles through another day in math class. Handrew Acker, a seeming math professor who got his degree online, described most math courses as “harsh, useless, and designed specifically for the sadistic torture of young children.”

Responses to his book, Book about Math, came from teachers who argued that mathematics are “useful” and “fun.” Generally we do like having fun, but is having fun worth failing a grade? Acker realizes that mathematics aren’t relevant to pretty much every career path, especially when it causes children to fail.

“In community colleges, no one likes math. In a survey, 80% of colleges students said they preferred watching Saw 15 to taking math classes. The other 20% were idiots,” says Acker. Acker instead proposes the eradication of math. He defines numeracy as “stupid” and “un-enjoyable.” It sounds pretty awful to me.

As a high school student who generally does not like math classes, I like the idea of no math. I constantly find myself asking “How do I math? Can I sleep instead?” The motivation would have been lost, had it not been nonexistent in the first place.

This of course is coming from someone who is very opinionated, but is also very right.

Eat Responsibly.

-Kitchenette Intern

Is Math really necessary? Like, at all?

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