Macaroni Goes International [Update #2]

Hello Macaroni viewers, we are here to bring you the latest details on our international conquest of the world. Through our amazing advertising campaign (adds in the Curtains playbill) we have managed to rope in quite a few international followers. Here’s the latest international viewers count!

UK: 8

Belgium: 1

Portugal: 1

Canada: 4

Thailand: 1

Ghana: 2

Mexico: 1

Australia: 1

That’s right our international campaign is a smashing success! Not only is our following in the UK and the exotic land of Canada skyrocketing, but we have also managed to acquire yet another viewer in Ghana! How do we get these people? We encourage you to join in on our betting pool, which did accurately predict Mexico being our next viewer’s homeland. Betters on Australia also won big. This week’s top picks are Germany, France, and Brazil, with long shots on Laos, Paraguay, and Kyrgyzstan.

Eat Responsibly.

-Kitchenette Intern.

Macaroni Goes International [Update #2]

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