Changes and Controversy Come to Underwater Basket Weaving Committee (UWBWC)

[OPERATION BIGMAC] Struck by the distant but ever lingering 2008 financial crisis, the Underwater Basket Weaving Committee (or UWBWC) has been experiencing significant revenue and member loss after it was determined in 2008 that underwater basket weaving was and is still not a valuable degree to waste thousands of dollars on. Shocked by the discovery, the UWBWC has issued several statements in response namely in order to reassure members that underwater basket weaving is in-fact “still a valuable and promising degree for all your tropical themed careers”.

It has been stated by many cost-to-value critics who judge college degrees in recent years that ultimately the demand for people skilled in the art of UWBW has shrunk far below that of the output of colleges with these degrees. It is unknown if the demand for the UWBW degree can ever recover, but as stated by head members of the UWBWC there is “Some hope” of recovery thanks to predicted climate change related water level rises that are expected to flood much of the planet in the coming years.

In addition to a loss in income and membership, perception of the UWBW’s valueless-ness as a degree has also lead to popular sayings such as “a liberal arts degree is about as valuable as a degree in underwater basket weaving”. When asked to comment on the the sayings the UWBWC had only one comment to make, saying that “these claims are vicious, mean, and a downright lie”. Further questions were not responded to.

Despite this, we here at The Macaroni Report wholly support anyone’s decision to invest all of your monetary resources into getting yourself a degree in both underwater basket weaving as well as other valuable-although-oddly-specific degrees such as underwater fire manufacturing and cake costuming (a degree focused on developing edible, fire-ignorant clothing for cakes) namely due to their enormous impact on improving the economy.

-Intern No. 105

Changes and Controversy Come to Underwater Basket Weaving Committee (UWBWC)

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