Operation BigMac declared a success!

We would like to report to our viewers that Operation BigMac has officially come to an end. We have successfully achieved our goal of posturing and intimidating smaller less reputable news organizations. In light of this success, we have postponed our originally planned second initiative, Operation McNuggets, which would have involved a more total warfare strategy.

In other news, we are still ready to begin Operation MacDaddy, in which we will launch a massive investigation to identify ‘the master’. This may or may not involve corporate espionage within the school office, and unsanctioned assassinations.

-Kitchenette Intern

(Editor’s Note: Just because operation BigMac is complete doesn’t mean that you won’t still be seeing some new parody articles of the Maroon Report on here floating around. This is the Macaroni Report were talking about after all).

Operation BigMac declared a success!

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