Macaroni Goes International [Update #3]

Hey Macaroni readers! We’re coming to you from sunny paradise to bring you the latest account of our international world domination scheme! Click below to see the latest stats!

UK: 10

Belgium: 1

Portugal: 1

Canada: 5

Thailand: 1

Ghana: 2

Mexico: 1

Australia: 4

Ireland: 2

Tunisia: 1

Well, that’s right Macaroni viewers, we have already conquered a large portion of Australia in this short period of time, and we have even moved on to Tunisia! I didn’t even think they had the Internets in Africa.

Remember to join on in our betting pool. This week, the top picks are China and Japan, with long shots on Nigeria, Kenya, and Turkmenistan. The Mail Room VP insists that we will soon get viewers in North Korea, but I wouldn’t hold out hope.

Meanwhile, we’ve been having a wonderful time on the beach! Here are a few shots of us having fun in the sun!

ostrich on beach

sasquatch on beach

Have a nice Spring break!

Eat Responsibly.

-Kitchenette Intern


Macaroni Goes International [Update #3]

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