Games In Review: Good Games, Great Reviews

In our never ending quest to improve the article creation facilities within our heads here at The Macaroni Report (and totally not rip off The Maroon Report even more) and by popular intern request, have decided to create our own “Games In Review” game reviewing closet division. The main goal will be to provide good honest reviews of everything from board games to triple A titles as to hopefully inform (and potentially sway) your interests and opinions whatever titles we review.

Click “Read More” to find out more about our reviews.

General Overview:

  • In order for a game to be reviewed, a staff member MUST have played a full round, campaign, or play through of said game.
  • Reviews will attempt to keep away from spoilers as best as is possible. Be warned, there still may be some when discussing crucial elements such as plot. Generally speaking the reviewer writing the review will have enough sense to give you a warning before hand.
  • The rating system is vaguely similar to Metacritic’s™ 100 point system. Each game will be judged by as many applicable categories as possible and each category will have it’s own value.
  • Will contain brief descriptions of each category.


  1. [N/A] Game Description/Summary.
  2. [X/20] Plot.
  3. [X/10] Graphics.
  4. [X/20] Gameplay Mechanics/Style.
  5. [X/20] Replayability.
  6. [X/20] Bugs.
  7. [X/10] Other.
  8. Final verdict / closing remarks.

Head Chef

[Note: We would like to acknowledge the lead game reviewer of The Maroon Report, John Dubois, as well as commend his efforts to review games. Regardless of other’s criticism on his reviews, we still think he does a pretty OK job. Also, we did kinda get the idea for the game reviews from him. (Not the reviews for movies and what not though.)]

Games In Review: Good Games, Great Reviews

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