Rant #1- Bathroom Indignation

An awfully common occurrence, especially in the bathroom near the lunch room, some “rebellious delinquents” enjoy stuffing the urinals and sink with paper towels. Here, I will begin a very aggressive rant about and against these schweinhunds. (I am legitimately annoyed by this situation; I do not try to hide this in this article)

More often than not, upon entrance to the Mens’ (and I’m using this term loosely), besides being greeted by the profound smell of urine, one is met by the sight of towels having been shoved into the urinals and sink. Personally, this is less an act of rebellion but more an of selfish, foolish, stupidity, and a large display of disrespect. Devise the situation. You’re one of those idiotic misuses of 4 billions years of evolution, shoving paper towels, not in the trash can, but a receptacle meant for otherwise. After the day is done, a janitor comes along, already after slaving after the ungrateful runts of this school’s demographic, and now they’re forced to clean towels out of filthy, urine filled trenches.

I seriously fail to find a true, legitimate reason to do this. You’re simply being annoying  and disrespectful. Personally, I’d like to handle this situation if I were to encounter one of these runts but many argue my methods to be unreasonable and impractical. Not to mention that I’d likely be suspended. However, I digress. If you encounter one of the children responsible for these activities, I implore you to report the offender and, most definitely, do NOT take matters into your own hands 😉

Rant #1- Bathroom Indignation

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