Support Trump to Fight the Koreans

In a desperate bid to sabotage Republican frontrunner and American Hero Donald Trump, North Korea has recently announced that they support Trump as a “wise choice for American President” as he “isn’t screwy at all”. We here at the macaroni report however, see a much different, more sinister side to this seeming support. We know that some Trump supporters, may see this as a sign that Trump is working with North Korea. Before you panic and begin to throw your votes to other candidates who would surely bring about the downfall of our country, we urge you to consider the fact that Korea is trying to trick us. By claiming to support Trump, they hope to weaken his standing by alienating him from the American people he loves so much. We must stand strong people. If we continue to support Trump, we effectively call their bluff and force them to back down. Obviously they would not get involved in American politics unless they were trying to bring the downfall of our nation by dividing us against the one leader who can carry us out of the darkness of this Obamanation of a country, and into the glorious sunrise of an America made Great Again. And, in order to reaffirm your trust, we have included here several pictures of our glorious leader to be.




At this point we would like to remind our readers that this is a heavily satirical article. Yes, DONALD TRUMP is actually getting support from NORTH KOREA. Yes. We understand that is completely insane. Please, do not vote for this man. This is a man who asides from being self-centered, egotistical, rude, childish, and overall incompetent, but has also gained support from not only the KKK, but also North Korea. KKK and North Korea people. DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS MAN. Here is a link to the actual article this came from, so that you know this is not fake


Support Trump to Fight the Koreans

One thought on “Support Trump to Fight the Koreans

  1. obeseostrich says:

    My name is Donald J Drumpf, and I approve this message. Exceppt for that bottom part. Ignore that. Who wrote that crap anyway? I’m gonna fire them.


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