Actual News, somewhat actual responses (ANSAR) #1

As a new edition to our site, I have decided to introduce a new topic for our report. For the record, this is not my original idea, so don’t go yelling at me about seeing it somewhere else. Anyways, what will happen here is we will post an actual super legit news article, with responses from people about what they think about it. Enjoy.

Killing Journalists

Weird man

“Maybe he just doesn’t like journalism. Or journalists. Some of those guys suck. Have you read the Macaroni Report? Those guys are the worst… What do you mean that’s you?”

Vince- Town Looney, New Hampshire

Little Girl

“At least it wasn’t all the journalists. Give the guy a break. Gotta give credit where credit where credit is due.”

Cindy- Really likes ice cream. Currently unemployed, Connecticut



“Well it depends. Were these guys assholes? Because I’m just saying, if they were assholes, that’s totally cool. I hate assholes. They smell.”

                                                        Tom- Certified Redneck, Oklahoma



Actual News, somewhat actual responses (ANSAR) #1

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