College Board Introduces AP Fish Filleting

Here’s some interesting news in the world of American education. In response to the recent rise in the fishing economy, the College Board has decided that expanding education in preparation for the field would be a worthwhile investment.

Regents level Fish Filleting has been present in New York State for years, with limited success or even student interest for the large majority of its 130 year lifespan. Just recently however, classes for Fish Filleting have been overstuffed, with students packing into FF classrooms like unfortunate sardines. The popularity of the classes got the College Board’s collective money-senses tingling.

The AP Fish Filleting Exam will include 60 multiple choice questions, and the timed preparation two cod and one bass, as opposed to the 25 multiple choice and single cod on the regents exam. Most teachers are outraged at the high expectations of the College Board for AP students, so the format of the test may be altered in the future.

IB Fish Filleting is not currently available in the US, but both SL and HL fishing courses are taught in many High Schools across the US. Students in IB Fishing are required to write an FHI (Fish Hooks Investigation), which many IB Diploma students stated “was still not as boring as the MLI in IB Music.”

We look forward to seeing how these classes further develop in the future.

Thanks for reading.

–MailRoom VP

College Board Introduces AP Fish Filleting

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