Bury the boss

Crazy coot “People these days complain about everything: “Oh this coffee’s too hot”, “My new car just got a scratch”, “This guy just dumped a pile of dirt on my head”. In fact my grandson does it for fun at the beach. Why is this even on the news.”

  • – Seymour, Age 36, sells fancy flour to kids, West Virginia


fake clintonFrankly, as far as novice attempts go, this one is pretty good. Especially for a spur of the moment. Main problem is that it’s way too easy to pin it on you. Also doesn’t seem to have worked very well since his boss is still there still here.”

  • – Actually isn’t H. Clinton, Works as a Haunted House Clown, Kansas



“Hurting people is bad kids. Don’t ever ever do it. Buy my cereal”

– Alf




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