Another Fallen Child

Recently, we were notified of some of the most heart-breaking and obscene news known to man. A child, small and innocent, has taken his own life. As most of you likely know by now, this was Collin Stekowitz.
Granted, I didn’t know him all that well but Collin seemed like an incredibly kind and fun individual. To inform those unaware, Collin was going through a transition. You see, he was actually born Kayla. However, Collin wasn’t comfortable and didn’t want to be a female but, rather, a male. Personally, I see no issue in such an idea. This is not shared by all, I assume. Collin was endlessly tormented and bullied by those whose close-mindedness brought them to persecute Collin for elements outside of his control.

People with the ability to pick on this child for these things are some of the worst type of people. The people responsible for this, and you know who you are, I sincerely hope that you live with this torment that you know you have caused the death of a young little boy who deserved none of the torment he deserved whereas you deserve all of it. I hope that the shame and grief from what you have caused tears away at you and eats at you. I hope this misery goes with you throughout your entire life and that you’re forced to live with it.

On a different note, one must commemorate Collin’s life. One cannot glorify suicide. However, we can reflect. Like I did say earlier, I didn’t know him well but Collin seemed like a very kind and gentle individual. He was always smiling and laughing, always said “hi” to me and I, honestly, wish I had known him better. Wish I could’ve been of some greater assistance to help quell these feelings.  Alas, I didn’t and now I never will have such an opprotunity. Collin has been ripped away from us all. This is an absolute and utter tragedy and should be viewed as nothing more or less. Right now, it is too late to help Collin. We cannot change anything that has happened up to now. But what we can do is keep Collin in our thoughts. We can start more support groups. Crack down more on bullying.

People need to be more considerate and have more acceptance towards people. We shouldn’t care whether or not something is new and uncomfortable to us but, instead, we should care how our comments and criticisms make the person we direct them towards feel. Collin had things going on with him that most of us cannot comprehend and we should have nurtured that, not squashed it and used it to bring Collin into a state of state of such despair that he was forced into believing that the only way to escape the pain and torment was to end his life. He’s no longer here but we still remember and will always remember him for him and all he was and wanted to be accepted for.

Goodbye Collin. You’ll be missed and were loved by many.

Another Fallen Child

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