A Brief Follow Up

Yesterday, I made a post here dedciated to the life and tragic loss of Collin DiAngelo. As of late last night, I’ve been given more information as to the situation. 

So, a “GoFundMe” has been started in response to the death of Collin. On the surface, this appears to be a noble and just cause, which it is, and I will not overshadow this fact. However, an error made by the creator of this “GoFundMe” is the constant reference to Collin as Kayla. That’s the entire damn reason this tradgedy has occurred! The inability of closeminded wing nuts to accept Collin for who he was was the reason this has happened! You’re facilitating the issue by constantly bringing up the name Kayla. I don’t know what it will take to make people understand something so freaking simple. The boy wanted to be referred to as Collin. He goddamned died for that and, still, these people refuse to accept it. They cannot have the point drilled more firmly into their head. Granted, not all contributors on the “GoFundMe” are like this, however, a whole lot are, including the the creator. 

People disgust me to no end. We’re vile, unforgiving, andan inadequate  excuse for a species. Aren’t we supposed to be the most advanced species? The most intelligent? What happened to that? What will it take? People. Open your eyes and pay attention to what’s happening around you! You’re making it worse! It’s time to change! It’s time to adapt! Welcome to the 21st century people. This is old news and it’s time to accept it.  

A Brief Follow Up

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