Local Citizen Starts Chess Club

[Operation Big Mac]

As Senior Citizen Joseph Johnson reaches the end of his seventh decade on Earth, he has decided to create a new way to enjoy his last years before the Reaper comes knocking. Johnson, a lifelong resident of Greenville, New York, has formed a chess club with his few living friends. These men meet every Monday afternoon in the town park, or the library “if it gets too chilly.” Member of the club, Jeremiah Smith, states, “It’s exciting to see Johnson take such a keen interest in something at his age.”

This chess club formed last July and has slowly grown over the past 11 months. Johnson first met with his lifelong friend Kenneth O’Sullivan. The two played the club’s first game in Lane’s Cafe, before they were removed for being “too rowdy.” They soon invited other friends along to enjoy the game with them. Bill, 68, reminisces by saying, “I hadn’t enjoyed a game of chess like this since the fall of ’84. Or was it ’83?”

The groups level of intensity while playing the game gained them some occasional observers. The members maintain an enjoyable, cutting banter, while never losing their focus on the game. That isn’t to say that the group doesn’t enjoy the occasional side conversation, as the members often converse with each other about the good ol’ days. These old fashioned men also enjoy clever jokes about their nagging wives, trying to one-up the others with the most interesting stories. Leonard is the common winner however, since he’s had 5 wives himself. How endearing.

Undoubtedly, this club’s existence is an enjoyable occurrence here in our small town. It warms our hearts to see these men enjoying a classic boardgame, despite their weak hearts.

Thanks for reading.

–Mail Room VP


Local Citizen Starts Chess Club

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