So it’s a Thursday evening, and I’m taking a break from studying, and decided this was the perfect time to write an intro.

So, as the award winning pop singer might say..


I’m just a local stray cat (i’m not kitten around, hahahahahahahaokay) who decided to wander into the high school one day in September. Even though I was never in there before, I grew familiar with the building’s layout pretty quickly. (I can’t remember the room numbers for my life though. Oh well!) I particularly liked the library and cafeteria; the library especially due to those comfy chairs, which I gladly took many naps in, and the cafeteria since there was always food in there. Not going to lie, those cookies that are sold in there are highly addictive, so if you ever caught sight of a cat in there, you’ll probably see it with a cookie.

As for how I found out about the newspaper, I heard word about the newspaper a few months ago and began to read the posts since then. Then a couple of weeks ago, two of the writers said that I should join; and I gladly did!

So as for genres of writing and what-not, I primarily tend to go towards either storytelling, real news, or silly/fun topics. I also might be able to draw, so I miiiight come out with little comic strips!

I look forward to writing with you, and I’ll talk to you all soon! ^0^

-The local stay cat



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