Macaroni Critique: Tuesdays

Well, here you have it. This is what the macaroni report has come to.


The word Tuesday is pretty boring. (Don’t judge us. We don’t know how to critique a Tuesday at the Macaroni, so we try our best. This is all for you the reader. The imaginary, nonexistent reader.) [1/10]

General Tuesday Things

Tuesday is that day of the week where you think “yeah, Monday is over! One day closer to the weekend!”, but then you remember that its Tuesday, and the weekend is still a far off intangible concept. [1/10]

Special Events

Some restaurants have Taco Tuesdays, which is a pretty cool way to boost pretty much the drabbest day of the week. [5/10]

Comparing to the other days of the week

Tuesday, rather unsurprisingly, is the worst day of the week, even worse than Monday. Even Caturday, a day of the week that doesn’t exist except in the mind of a sleep-deprived old woman, is better. [1/10]


I ran out of ideas, so I made an other category. [1/10]

Final Veridict

The final score of Tuesdays isĀ [9/50]. Now, that you are done with this article, I give you permission to return to poking yourself in the eyes with a sharp stick, or whatever else you were doing that was somehow unpleasant enough that reading this article was the alternative.

Eat Respons—oh, screw it, don’t eat responsibly. You’ve earned some irresponsible eating after suffering through the boredom that is the Macaroni Critique of Tuesdays.

-Kitchenette Intern

Macaroni Critique: Tuesdays

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