Happy New Year….!

With school back in session, everything is different. Everyone is in a new grade, there are some fresh faces in the hallways, and theres all the new and different classes you’re taking! Not to mention that spirit week and homecoming are just around the corner, so there’s a lot to look forward to within these first few weeks. However, not everything about back to school is all that positive, as there’s a few negatives in back to school season. There’s the waking up early aspect, homework, passing middle schoolers in the halls who like to scream profanity to seem super cool, and lots of people running into you in the halls because they have a class thats on a different floor and don’t wanna be late. Furthermore, as much as this stuff is difficult to deal with, you end up getting used to it and moving on. The dire issues that I will be discussing today are much more serious and, as a cat, are far too difficult to adapt to with my survival methods within these confined school walls. They are as followed:

1) government interference in school food routines
2) fire drills


let me explain.

As it has come to my attention from listening to students and friends of mine, the school has adopted a more healthy and fruitful diet for it’s students, cutting out unhealthy snacks being sold and making healthier lunches. Many schools in the country follow these guidelines as a way to promote healthy eating and help obesity rates drop. Normally, I would be fine with this since eating nutritious meals is an important part of keeping a person’s health in check and getting all the vitamins and minerals they need to live. However, this diet change has done one of most terrifying things I have ever encountered I’m my existence.
They stopped making cookies. 


As a major chocoholic (you can find me regularly carrying around an XL chocolate bar after or during school), this is petrifying. Next to once a week last year, I would hover over the snack bar and buy a giant warm cookie with melted chocolate, and break it apart to revel a wave of  warm freshly baked chocolate cookie smell, and proceed to eat it. If I had enough money, I was always tempted to buy another one, but would wait until the next day, as there was never a worry that they wouldn’t be there the next day. This year, as I turned from my lunch table to proceed up to the snack bar and buy such a delicacy again this year, to start the school year off right, I was faced by whole grain Rice Krispies. As I scanned the bar for the case of baked goods, I realized the utensils were where the baked goods once were. After discovering the cookies would never be produced again, I haven’t been the same. As good as granola bars and apples are (yum), it’s just not the same as a warm cookie.  The diet change is good for better eating.. it’s just..

Just don’t mention cookies. It’s a sore subject.

Secondly, since it’s a new school year, there’s a clean slate! Those pesky tardies you got from getting toothpaste in your eye (true story) don’t count anymore, so you can have a good year to get into a new routine that works for you! Routines keep students on task and organized to be in a beneficial environment for learning. But when that routine is abruptly altered, due to, oh I don’t know

 a super loud bell

things change.

Now if you’re a scaredy cat (hahahahahahaha get it) like so, this bell with make you react. Don’t get me wrong, fire drills are extremely important toward fire safety and keeping the students and staff aware of how to handle a fire and emergency situations. I’m just reminding everyone that they’ll be happening again within these first couple weeks, solely because I never forget. The bells do their job well, as if you’re daydreaming they will wake you right up and instill a sudden panic in you since you may think an actual fire is happening for a split second. Most kids enjoy the drill, since they get you out of class, allow you to leave the classroom, and get to whisper ridiculous jokes to each other while the teachers glare at you to keep quiet. There is also the hold in place drills, which are great exercises for reminding us what to do in an emergency as well. But it’s torture if you have to go to the nurse or are thirsty…I am so sorry if that happens. And lastly the lockdown drill will be in place soon, as well. I should probably give a safety warning of my own out to anyone that may be near me during on of these drills, as I tend to over-react to the bells, juuuusssssttttt a tad. As long as  I don’t have a pencil in my hand, it’s all good.

In conclusion, it’s a new year! Have fun with it; Just keep in mind that you gotta bring you’re own cookies and be on edge for the drills, cuz it sucks if you’re in the bathroom during one of those.

-Stray Cat

Happy New Year….!

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