Season’s Spookings

Guys, it’s October 1st! (It’s 11:51 p.m. so it still counts.)

October brings a vast number of festivities with it, most of which deal with Halloween. Yes, Halloween, the one day a year parents turn a blind eye that their kids are taking candy from complete strangers, people of all ages can dress up as a variety of ideas (exhibit A: my lovely witch pop-star costume from 3rd grade; with hit singles including, “Witch Better Have my Money”), and getting scared at anything is totally normal! (….except maybe that’s just a me problem?)

Firstly, Halloween movies will finally begin playing on TV again. This, along with that ABC Family’s Twenty-Five Days Till Christmas (Freeform’s Twenty-Five Days Till Christmas?) and summer reality game shows, are all I use the television for primarily. So if you like Halloween movies, I always recommend annyyything Stephen King (the original Carrie from ’76  is the only Carrie you should ever watch. The remakes are literally cringe-worthy.);shout out to the Drive-In for playing “The Shining” this weekend, or the classics. Aka, Halloween (White Mask man), Friday the Thirteenth (Ski Mask man), Nightmare on Elm Street (My-Hands-are-Clippers-Becuase-I’m-a-Lunatic-Landscapper man), Scream (Don’t-Pick-Up-the-Phone-if-There’s-No-Caller-ID man), and Chucky (Doll man*totally haven’t watched this one yet*).

Also, what’s an article written by myself not bringing up food? The food this time of year is  spooktacular (hahahahahaahathat’spunny ). Granted most of the food associated with this season is candy and a ridiculous amount of pumpkin spice (*shudder*), there are so many unrecognized fall delicacies that are brought forth. One of which includes apple cider and apple cider donuts, along with the cold weather bringing forth a barrage of soups and squashes (please note I do not know a single thing about harvest seasons; I just notice lots of pumpkins and gourds during this month so), and apples! Apple picking it the best during fall, and I’m not only saying that because I’ve only ever picked apples in the fall.

Not to mention, fall is all about sweater weather. With all this fur,  I can easily tell you the heat sucks. So when the tempurrature ( 😀 ) gets colder, it’s finally time to break out that giant sweater collection (maybe another me problem….). This is especially true since the cafeteria is like an ice box during the day; and in terms of gym, I can’t help you, because the annual gym repairing will probably go through the winter.  Plus, dare I say, almost all sweaters contain pockets. 





I’m still kinda mad at the whole no pockets thing. I may or may not have been switching from summer to winter clothes, only to discover my jeans of 5 years contain no pockets.


Not to mention Halloween is on a Monday this year, so we can only assume the crazy stuff people will be wearing. I’d like to request there be candy given out by teachers, but since I’m in denial about my age and everyone around me thinks I’m old as dirt and shouldn’t go trick-or-treating this year (which I totally am. You can judge me, but I’ll be the one with the month supply of hershey bars and twizzlers laughing my way to the bank.), I may just keep that under wraps.

Anyway, stay warm guys! Have fun getting spooked and giving spooks.

-Stray Cat

Season’s Spookings

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