Beating A Dead Horse

As if it hasn’t already been made abundantly obvious, here at the Macaroni Report, we enjoy to weigh in our opinions on this years presidential election. So, me being the show stealing specimen that I am, here I am.

Now, on the “Republican” spectrum of things, we have Donald J. Trump, and his running mate, Mike Pence. While I’m not, personally, a Republican, I can say that Mike Pence is the ideal Republican and, in all honesty, would rather have him as president over Trump. As my fellow writer “obeseostrich” has pointed out, “Pence’s biggest weakness is Trump”. Which, as you can all tell, is rather ironic, since Pence’s whole world kinda revolves around Trump, at this point. Now, despite my disdain towards Republican ideals, I must admit that Pence is the better VP, of the two. Pence presents are formality seldom found in modern politics that I respect and, honestly, the man is well thought out, and seems rather bright. Shame.. I’d go more on the Trump roast train but I fear my head chef has me on a rather tight leash after attempting to start a revolution based around a pug, but, ya know, can you really blame me after all the views we’ve been losing. It’s, in all honesty, rather depressing.

Back on the Democratic wing of this mess, we have Hillary (and not big Bernie 😦 ) running with Tim Kaine. I’ll start with Kaine. As a democrat, I really want to like Kaine because he’s the democratic VP but I really just cannot bring myself to get over his ego. I think it may even rival Trump’s ego. It’s more than that, however.  Kaine is also rather condescending and just full of himself. I can’t stand him, no matter how much I may agree with his ideas and policies, he just has an annoying and vexing personality. Hillary, herself, has a lot of controversy surrounding her but she also has the most experience out of any of the candidates we’ve had and she’s more than qualified for the job. She’s been in the White House before and just understands how the system runs.
I should probably stop this article because I’m going to start ranting and nobody wants that.

Beating A Dead Horse

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