Macaroni Critique: Hot Rod

Hot Rod was released in theaters in 2007, stars Andy Samberg, and is the greatest movie of all time. It was directed by Akiva Schaffer, written by Pam Brady, and sure as hell gives Citizen Kane a run for its money. It’s a satirical take on Evel Knievel-esque stuntwork, was produced on an estimated budget of $25,000,000, and its existence may very will indisputable proof that a benevolent god is watching over all of us and our stepdads. It’s also the only movie I have ever seen.


While the story of this film is a path fiction has taken before, Hot Rod’s portrayal of the american family contains such emotional depth by relating to it’s audiences common experiences. Who doesn’t have happy memories of engaging in ceremonial hand-to-hand combat with their stepdad? Don’t you remember your heart breaking when you heard that your longtime crush is not single, but actually dating some tool named Jonathan? The filmmakers really knew how to strike a chord with their audience.

The story of a regular dude working to save his sparring partner by raising enough money to buy him a new heart is as timeless and endearing as it is simple.



Andy Samberg plays the part of Rod Kimble incredibly well. It’s hard to believe that Andy Samberg isn’t a mongoloid loser in real life. Regarding the rest of the ensemble, Rod’s crew is wonderfully dysfunctional, as they joke and goof their way through the movie.

Speaking of goofs, this movie’s got tons of them. Every scene makes me laugh, with good variety in its humor. I still chuckle thinking of the scene in which the lovable scamp Rico beats a man with a traffic cone. Classic.

Also, John Burnside absolutely nails the role of Ebeneezer Scrooge.



This movie prominently features 4 different songs by Europe, and makes the dignified choice not to include “The Final Countdown.”



The Stunt Work in this film can be adequately described by 7 key points.

  • Power!
  • Danger!
  • Sloth!
  • Murder!
  • Family!
  • Agility!
  • “Being #1!”

Enough said.


Hot Rod:

That’s the title of this movie and it sure is a good one.


Final Score:


I added an extra 10 points there because this is my favorite movie. It’s basically the best movie ever. It’s lack of Oscar Nominations may very well be a crime in violation of international law. But don’t take my word for it.

Second Opinion:

I like to get a second opinion for Macaroni Critiques, so here’s what Intern No. 046 had to say about Hot Rod, the rightful winner of Best Picture 2007.

“That movie f***ing sucks.”

Well, I don’t necessarily agree with that sentiment, but maybe one just needs to see Hot Rod as many times as I have to really get it. I didn’t really understand most of the deeper meaning until my 23rd viewing, but it’s been crystal clear to me ever since.

Life is short. Stunt it!

-Intern No. 816

Macaroni Critique: Hot Rod

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