Search for MRVP: Update #6

Update on the Search for MRVP:

We got around to inspecting the Vending Machine. The dusty old relic had been relocated to the basement since it stopped spitting out articles. A few interns grabbed some flashlights and got to work. After prying open the rusty monument to consumerism, the interns found a piece of mysterious writing:

We’re here to help!

Any questions or concerns can be voiced with out Customer Service Department:


or at our website:

Another cryptic note had this to say:

Need a refill? Want to visit the supplier?

Visit us in Newburgh, NY.

Newburgh is a few hours from Macaroni HQ. When (if) we can gather the gas money to make a trip out there, we’ll continue the search for the MRVP then.

Keep an eye out.

–Investigator Intern No. o

Search for MRVP: Update #6

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