Are you a fun person?

I don’t really feel like explaining this, and I’m already writing enough as is, so figure it out yourself.

1.When I am alone, I feel like…

A) Calling up some friends

B) Watching my favorite Show

C) Howling at the moon

D) Moving to Canada

2. Sometimes I like to…

A) Pretend I’m actually president

B) Eat Cheetos

C) Sprint off into the woods without any warning

D) Watch Hockey

3. My Favorite Food is….

A) A  pastrami on rye

B) Macaroni

C) The Husks of The Unborn

D) Bacon that looks like Ham

4. When I look at people I often…

A) Get an intense desire to hug or talk to them

B) Wonder what choices they made to arrive at where they are

C) Get an intense desire to punch them in the face

D) Apologize for something

5. Sometimes When I’m Eating I..

A) Use all utensils just to look fancy

B) Attempt to start a food fight

C) Climb a tree and pretend to be a leopard

D) Keep it in front of a portable heater to keep it from freezing

6. I think that the state of the world is…

A) Sad, but I know that together we can change it for the better

B) Uneasy with apprehension of the future

C) Deplorable, people are scum who must be destroyed if our world is to stand a chance of surviving. The Human Race has abused this planet for many years and we must make a stand to change this. Those who understand should be……Pointless mutterings for the next 30 minutes

D) Exciting. Soon winter will only last for 8 months of the year


How Did I Do?

Mostly D’s: you are Canadian, and should seek immediate medical attention

Anything Else: How the heck should I know? I’m not a psychiatrist. If you really need to be validated by some crappy online quiz, you need way more help than I can give you. Good luck, you’re going to need

Are you a fun person?

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