‘Tis the time of Getting Things

Thanksgiving is one of our nations oldest and most enlightened Holidays. Once a year, families from all over the nation and even world, gather together to meet relatives who have not been seen sine the previous year. It is the one American Holiday that doesn’t ooze with commercialism or stink of American Hypocrisy. Thankfully (see what I did there) we can follow up this joke of a Holiday with a real American classic “Black Friday”

Black Friday is truly one of America’s most innovative and creative ideas. What other nation would have the intellectual prowess to create a Holiday that celebrates capitalism and the American dream of getting new stuff, and to put it right after the Holiday that celebrates family and being thankful for all that we already have. After all, nothing makes you think ” I really need a new hot tub” than spending 5 minutes considering the fact that with all you have in your life, your porch is severely lacking in jet pulsed bacterial pools. Black Friday is what makes the November season truly great, giving Americans hope that even though they have to sit through hours of sappy “I’m so happy for what I have” and watching Aunt Patty’s new mustache collect bits of cranberry sauce, they can look forward to joining the mad stampede scheduled to take place the next day. Because the one thing we all need, is an entire day of low, low prices to help us buy all the things we truly find worthwhile.

Now I’m sure at this point many of you are wondering, “well how did Black Friday come around anyway?” After all, almost every Holiday has some kind of sale associated with it, so there must be a good reason that Black Friday grew. The truth isn’t nearly that peachy. Back in the 1960’s the city of Philadelphia had an annual tradition of a hosting a big football game the weekend after Thanksgiving. As a result of this, that Friday would see massive crowds descend on the city, resulting in heavy looting despite the fact that no police officer in the city could take that day off. In the end, businesses began to take advantage of these crowds to pedal cheap goods, leading to the businesses “moving into the black” (making a profit), as the term for the day was adopted across the nation. And that is why you see more commercials for Black Friday than you do for the thankfulness we should all be feeling. So this weekend, try to take a few minutes to truly consider your life, and whether or not you really need to take part in the mad rush of the crowds descending on stores nationwide. Instead take some time to truly appreciate your family who traveled from all around to see you, and the grateful position you are in that your family has something to celebrate (and maybe while you’re at it give some consideration to our world’s oceans and forests that need your help too).

Have fun and be Thankful


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‘Tis the time of Getting Things

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