Plague of Nothingness overcomes Greenville

This week there is literally nothing. You’d think that it just being thanksgiving, there’d be something. You’d think that Donald Trump being our president, there’d be something. Anything. But alas, the well of ideas that has barely kept the Macaroni Report semi-alive for the last few pitiful months has finally dried up. There’s nothing left. Unless something happens very soon, it seems our ship has sunk. About the only thing that could hope to save us now is the publishing  of a certain school official newspaper for us to vandalize and parody (hmm I wonder what institution we’re talking about there), but let’s face it, that’s not gonna happen. Then again, most of the news also said the orange man wouldn’t be our president so who even knows at this point. So what am I saying basically? Here are my points:

  1. The world is boring.
  2. The Maroon Report is slow.

That’s about it.

So basically, A.) if you are a person reading this, make something interesting happen. Please. We’re dying over here. B.) If you are a maroon report staffer reading this (there is no overlap between the two [ROAST]), please, publish your newspaper. We’re waiting.

So, is there some value to this article? Yeah actually there kinda is. When we’re bored, we do crazy shit. So look at this.


I don’t know what this is even doing here, tbh. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Generic quote.

-Anonymous Writer

Plague of Nothingness overcomes Greenville

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