Colin Kaepernick: Right to sit and rest his sore ass in action

[Operation BigMac 3.0 – #1]

Some of us like football. Most of us do not enjoy it. We all have freedom and rights in this country, because U-S-A spells freedom in like every known language. On the date of August 14th, 2016 Colin Kaepernick sat down during a football game, as he did in the past two games. This action was not noticed the first two games because he did not play and thus did not matter whatsoever to the American public. This action shocked the American public and drew scorn, as many citizens believe that sitting down is an affront to the United States itself. By the 28th of August, Kaepernick expanded on why he sat down. Kaepernick stated that he was very sore, and “just wanted a minute so I could rest my legs.” Of course, certain Americans consider it the unspoken rule that sitting is absolutely prohibited during any part of a football game, or at any time for that matter. However, Colin Kaepernick is right because he is sitting because he just wants to rest.

Mr. Kaepernick’s actions have turned into a movement of sorts. After the game at Qualcomm (don’t ask, we don’t know what a Qualcomm is either) Stadium in San Diego, Kaepernick stated that he was not “anti-American” and that he’s doing this because he loves his legs not being sore, and that’s about it. Kaepernick’s actions have led to many other people doing this in protest.

So far fourteen people across the entire nation have protested, though most of them only went so far as to kneel, which is not quite as horrific as the act of sitting. Hopefully Kaepernick’s actions will result in the minority and majority groups of America no longer be targeted by the police for the sole fact that they just want to rest their tired asses.

Kaepernick is not doing this for people to agree with him; as he himself said, “I am not looking for approval. I have to sit down for my legs that are being oppressed.” He continued to say,  “If they take football away, my endorsement from me, I know that I stood up (HA, that’s a joke) for what is right.” Good old Kaep may be doing what he believes in, but there are some assholes who disagree with his actions of exercising his legal right to physically sit down. One of the people who diagrees with him just so happens to be random citizen Scott Key Francis, some random dude we found on the street. Francis has stated that, “It just blows my mind that a successful person like Kaepernick would do what he does to dishonor the people of this country by sitting down when there we have young men and women overseas fighting for this country’s economic interests, and people who have died for his very rights and freedoms [editor’s note: one of which is clearly the right to sit down. This is clearly stated in the Constitution.].” As logically incorrect as that might be, there are still people who are being targetted for their act of sitting down. It does not matter if people like Mr. Kaepernick or not, he is right because what he is doing is preventing himself from physically collapsing on those sore as hell legs. Not to mention the fact that the First Amendment expressly grants him this right.

Colin Kaepernick does what he does not to prove a point, but because his legs are literally screaming in pain. He does not care what people think of him. His actions should be met with acceptance not hate. Kaepernick should not be revered, because no one should be, but we should respect the fact that people in this country are allowed to sit whenever they damn want to, as long as they have multi-million dollar jobs and are rocking an afro.

Eat Responsibly.

-Kitchenette Dictator

Colin Kaepernick: Right to sit and rest his sore ass in action

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