New Tables and chairs: Bad

[Operation BigMac 3.0 – #2]

A few of the classes have been foolishly given new tables and chairs in a search to find something to do with the budget money other than actually create a better environment for learning. So there is no question, this was a bad idea.

For those of you who haven’t seen or been able to use the tables, they come with chairs, because most tables do come with chairs. They are adjustable for different heights for our shorter folk in the school. They are meant to be easier to move around, thus making it easier for kids to roll them across the room and hit like a battering ram into their buddies.

These tables and chairs have had “zero positive impact in the classroom. They really make it easier and faster to goof off in class instead of doing actual classwork.,” explains one student. And, “since we can easily goof off, I don’t have to bother learning stupid facts and information,” explains another. From what I’ve seen with the other students, they think that the chairs are fun and improve their enjoyment level in many ways, while decreasing the amount they learn. Not only are they fun to sit in, but’s its pretty much impossible to listen to a boring history lecture when you can raise yourself up and down in your chair all period.

Even though they suck for learning, they’re even worse beyond that. For the students who can’t sit still in a chair for 42 minutes at a time, it allows them to move back and forth in them, disturbing the other students and allowing them to focus on spinning themselves in circles instead of on the task at hand. The adjustable heights on the chairs are also a bonus for the kids who are shorter (hmmm can’t think of anyone…) or taller than what a typical chair thinks is a consistent height [Editor’s note: Disregard that last sentence, chairs don’t think]. It allows the students to be more comfortable in the classroom, making dozing off an even more appealing option as compared to a discussion about Shakespeare’s symbolism.

All in all, delinquent students think these tables and chairswere a great idea. “I like rolling in them,” says one student who rolled around the classroom rather than write a history essay. These chairs impact the classroom in negative ways; they are all around a much less useful purchase than say, a track that isn’t the equivalent of a pig sty. I hope that eventually someone in the administration finally realizes how bad of an experiment this was and we see these new chairs and tables removed and thrown in the trash bin.

Eat Responsibly.

-Kitchenette Dictator

New Tables and chairs: Bad

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