Macaroni Critique: EverFi


Prepare to learn people, coming to you know, is EverFi Financial Literacy

Helpfulness: (1:10)

While EverFi does indeed contain some helpful information such as what a certificate of deposit account is and how it is different from a money market account is, that is about the extent of what you can learn from it. Unless maybe you don’t know what money is.

Age appropriateness: (0/10)

This tool is useful in the event that you are a disadvantaged chimpanzee in kindergarten. Other than that, its more or less completely inappropriate for anybody of any age. Remember that early dig about money, yeah that’s because it literally describes what money is for five minutes. Oh boy. Definitely don’t use it for anybody over the age of 5.

Accessibility: (0/10)

Well I guess if you don’t mind watching through over an hour of videos (that you can’t skip by the way) to get to the one section of useful information, which can just as easily be learned from a twenty second google search, then sure, its great.

Information Retention: (1:10)

While you might think, well since you have to watch all the videos, at least you probably remember everything. Well if you’re considering retention as being that you remember you might have learned something than sure. Unfortunately, given that I had to go look up types of savings vehicles just to use the terms mentioned above, I don’t think it had the desired effect.

Intelligent Design: (2/10)

Honestly, the only good thing about how this is set up is that you can cheat the system by opening it in multiple tabs. Other than that its so horribly designed, that the entire screen doesn’t even fit on the computer monitor at once (at least for me)

Annoyingness: (-10/-10)

Yeah, that bad. Imagine if every time you were studying, there was some guy reading every single thing to you in an extremely excited voice. Oh and now pretend that telling him to shut up only makes him talk more. Than do that for a couple hours and see how you hold up. Oh and how about if sometimes he’d forget where he left off and made you go back three or four chapters and read you everything again.

Overall Score: (-6/60)

Hows that for a score you can take to the bank. Sure, if you’re trying to teach an epileptic dolphin about how 10+10 is more than 2+2, then go ahead. Otherwise just pretend it doesn’t exist. Honestly the stupidest thing you could possibly do would be to try and use it to teach High School seniors about financial literacy. But nobody is dumb enough to do that. Obviously you would at least watch through it to make sure that the content is applicable before doing anything. That’s just common sense.

Just pretend this doesn’t exist


Macaroni Critique: EverFi

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