Christmas Wish List of a Greenville Student


Dear Santa Paws (sorry this is late, buutttt I’ve been *fairly* nice this year so maybe you can do one more Christmas miracle and fly out of the North Pole to Greenville?),

After wandering around the dark cafeteria with lovely Christmas music (The Trans Siberian Orchestra music and all time classics were pretty awesome), I’ve heard a variety of things these kids want for Christmas. Now while the holidays shouldn’t be materialistic, we live in a capitalist country so we’re never going to avoid it- so here is Greenville’s wish list.
1.Working bathroom stall doors, that actually lock and close fully.

2. Drinkable water.

3. A track.

4. Full fat doritos and lays chips.

5. A gym that doesn’t break. At least for an entire year.

6. After school club meetings instead of before.

7. Cookies.

8. A pep rally with the teachers doing the activities instead of the same group of kids.

9. This might just be a me thing, but more scavenger hunts, cuz those are fun *^*.

10. Keeping the door to the upstairs by the front door unlocked during lunch periods. I don’t get this because if it’s for protection, the person shouldn’t have been able to get into the front doors to begin with.

11. Being able to access innocent websites that for some reason the school denies access towards?

12. Dare I say, less confederate flags.

13. Working faucets.

14. Paper towel dispensers to actually have paper towels in them.

Thanks Santa Paws.

-Stray Cat






Christmas Wish List of a Greenville Student

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