[NEWS] Greenville Water Main Broken (Again!)

Breaking: Once again the next-gen construction crews of Greenville have managed to break the water main during their marathon production of no sidewalk. The break was announced to staff through an email around 10:55 – 11:00 AM and students were only notified 15-20 minutes later through a public announcement at 11:15.

We would like to make note that apparently the time that water must be restored by in order for the school to not evacuate is 2 hours, not the 45 minutes we reporter earlier. Either way however the water will still probably be brown for a solid 10 minutes (or however long it takes people it to start drinking the fountain water again) after the water is restored.


“Don’t drink the water”

Intern No. 803

[NEWS] Greenville Water Main Broken (Again!)

[OPINION][100th Article Palooza!] NHS: The Lizards Behind The Mask

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(Source: NHS)

If you’ve ever ever been to a school hosting a local chapter of the National Honor Society, you’ve probably been told by some pretentious voice at one point or another (or at least assumed) that joining the NHS was either an important step or a necessary one for increasing, if not guaranteeing, your chances of getting into the college (or equivalent) of your dreams. You’re not alone either, as the general stereotype/stigma surrounding the NHS for most people is the same, so surely the collective masses can’t be wrong, can they? In reality, The truth is far from that.

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[OPINION][100th Article Palooza!] NHS: The Lizards Behind The Mask