Helpful Tips from the Closet

Hey there everyone, I’m back. Apparently it’s still illegal to enter peoples houses without permission, and even worse so if you attempt to talk to their children while dressed as Santa. Who Knew? Anyways it all worked out: I got a couple of restraining orders, and the jury at my trial let me go because they thought I was this gorilla guy. I think his name was Hippo or something?  Anyway since I’ve now inhabited just about every situation life with humans has to offer, I figure I’ll give some advice to help you all with your own lives. For the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing chapters from my new book “Coming out of the Closet”, which will let you all know a little more about me. They story will start based on my time living in the woods, and progress through my time in society to my eventual imprisonment. Stay tuned.


Helpful Tips from the Closet

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