Macaroni’s International Updates are back!!!!!!

That’s right we’re back! WHATTTTT??!?!?!? YEAH I KNOW RIGHT!! WE’RE BACK!!!! I mean we don’t actually know if you’ll care about all the readers we have in random little countries (for those of you new readers out there we get readers in exotic locations such as Japan and Canadia), but we figured what the hell we’ll try to peak your interest anyway. So here’s a list of our views in foreign countries.

UK: 56

Belgium: 4

Portugal: 2

Canad(i)a: 39

Thailand: 6


Mexico: 1

Australia: 20

Ireland: 23

Tunisia: 1

Hungary: 6

Pakistan: 1

European Union: 4 (still don’t know what they even mean by this)

United Arab Emirates: 3

India: 6

Italy: 22

Namibia: 1

Germany: 1

France: 1

China: 1

Turkey: 1

Sweden: 2

Norway: 1

Indonesia: 4

Russia: 2

Japan: 2

Israel: 1

Saudi Arabia: 1

Czech Republic: 1

South Africa: 1

Serbia: 1

Malaysia: 1

Bulgaria: 1

Cyprus: 1

Hong Kong: 1

Fiji: 1

Look at all these bizarre-as-hell countries we got. I mean who even knows what Cyprus is? Well apparently its this tiny little island in the Mediterranean. And people there care about us and actually read our articles!!! We’ll keep you posted on the latest international viewers. And who knows? Maybe one day we will actually finally get that fabled viewer in North Korea.

Eat Responsibly.

-Kitchenette Intern


Macaroni’s International Updates are back!!!!!!

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